Debut Album — Pustvopol


Pustvopol Album

14 Songs
56 min
SR 0088

Pustvopol is an ancient word for Pusté pole (which translates to barren field) — a part of land within the bounds of Telgárt in the Brezno and Pustvopol district, Pustvopol is a ceremonious, mysterious and fanfare-y folk song from Telgárt, which forms the main motif of the album. Telgárt, Šumiac, Pusté pole. This area evokes in me excitement and great curiosity. Everytime I pass along it, I feel something forgotten, mysterious and odd.

How could I not, when indeed this area used to be rich and prosperous, thanks to the prominent European aristocratic Coburg family.

The concept came about gradually, it kept growing by itself, kept surprising and working its way to the surface like an autonomous persona — full of life, aware of its own potential. I explored the area around Pusté pole in more of an intuitive way, through feeling, an essence, that radiates from it; than through facts. I let myself drift and sink into the magical atmosphere and I let this environment have an effect on me. It started showing itself gradually, as all of Pustvopol, until one day I understood that it will be different, than planned, and that it will go further than we expected.

Singer, Songwriter

Studied classical piano and composition. Her music builds on a distinct vocal with a wide ambit. Ethereal on the surface, but full of beasts — as is her music. Fragile, pressing and immediately wild and harsh, with a gloomy premonition. Neo-classical, minimal synth-pop with elements of experiment, glam rock, retro of 70s and 80s, based on both Slovak folk and also pop tradition, with a classical craft of a composer and performer. Gothic and minimalistic, inconspicuous, as well as full of expressiveness and drama at the same time. Her music is as a film noir with occasional bittersweet moments.


Martina Kotláriková
+421 904 667 558 

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